Documents and Policies

All these policy documents have kindly been supplied free of charge by various archives and records offices for members of CAS to adapt and use as they see fit.  Please bear in mind that the documents were written for a specific organisation and so may require modification.  While all current at the time of upload, the policies may become out of date due to legislative and other changes.

Managing Your Archives.  Archives Policies for Small Religious Repositories’: This guidance, which is available on the Religious Archives Group website, is intended as a simple introduction to good practice in producing archives policies.

Collections Management

Collecting Policy (Westminster Diocesan Archives)

Collections Management Policy (Society of the Sacred Heart)

Archives Collecting Policy (Southwark Diocesan Archives)

Archives Policy (Jesuits in Britain Archives)

Loans Policy (Westminster Diocesan Archives)

Personal Papers

Personal Papers Policy (Society of the Sacred Heart)

FCJ Sisters’ Personal Papers Policy

Volunteer Management

Health and Safety for Volunteers (Hampshire Archives and Local Studies)

Volunteers Registration Form (Hampshire Archives and Local Studies)

Volunteer Agreement (Unilever Archives and Records Management)

Volunteers and Work Experience Declaration (Bedfordshire & Luton Archives and Records Service)

Policy on Volunteers (Archifdy Ceredigion Archives)

Volunteer Agreement (Archifdy Ceredigion Archives)

Searchroom Management

Digital Photography Self Service Form (Westminster Diocesan Archives)

Photocopy Order Form (Westminster Diocesan Archives)

Reader Registration (Westminster Diocesan Archives)

Reading Room Etiquette (Westminster Diocesan Archives)

Archive Charges (Southwark Diocesan Archives)

Archive Access Policy (Southwark Diocesan Archives)

Request to Publish Form (Southwark Diocesan Archives)

Users Agreement Form (Southwark Diocesan Archives)

Access Policy (Jesuits in Britain Archives)

Data Protection & Confidentiality

Confidentiality Agreement (BT)

Fidelity Agreement (Glamorgan Archives)

Data Protection/Confidentiality Agreement (Isle of Anglesey County Council)

Assignment of intellectual property rights (Hereford Archive Service)