From time to time, visits have been arranged to Europe to facilitate members’ awareness of the Church’s archives abroad.  The programme of overseas visits began in Rome in 1995, when members visited the then recently established Commission for the Cultural Heritage of the Church and met its then President, Archbishop (later Cardinal) Marchisano.  The cordial relationship established during that visit continued.  The Society was honoured that Cardinal Marchisano agreed to become a Patron and to welcome him to two of its annual conferences.  Cardinal Marchisano passed away in 2014.

The Society was about 15 years old when its first overseas study tour took place. That it has now done ten such visits is a tribute to both everyone who has organised them (in some cases more than once) and to the enthusiasm of members to learn about the extensive and rewarding world of archives.

Reports from some of the most recent visits can be read below

Visit to Berkshire and London, Autumn 2015

Visit to Northern Ireland, October 2013

Visit to Rome, October 2011