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Eric Gill: Work is Sacred

A new book exploring the influence of Catholicism on the art and thought of Eric Gill


  • The Eric Gill Collection at Chichester     Timothy J. McCann
  • Eric Gill’s conversion: a key document in Ditchling Museum     Joe CribbEric Gill book
  • Posters in the Eric Gill Collection at the University of Notre Dame     John Sherman
  • Conversion by Commission: Eric Gill and the Westminster Stations     Naomi Billingsley
  • Prospero and Ariel or God the Father and God the Son? Eric Gill and the meaning and making of the BBC sculptures     Ruth Cribb
  • Eric Gill in Manchester     Martin J. Broadley
  • Chasing the provenance of Eric Gill’s wooden Stations of the Cross    Michael Curran FSC
  • ‘A Canopy over and Altar’: Eric Gill’s church if St Peter, Gorleston, Norfolk     Andrew Derrick

Published in 2013 by the Catholic Archives Society in association with Koinonia Press  ISBN 9 780860 880462  Price £15 plus £1.78 p&p

This beautiful volume has been circulated to all full members and is also available for non-members to purchase.

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