The Journal of the Catholic Archives Society

Catholic Archives, the Society’s Journal, is published annually in the Spring and is circulated to members.

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Guidelines for prospective contributors

Digitisation of Catholic Archives

At the Society’s AGM held at Buckfast, 29 May 2012, it was agreed that Numbers 1-25 of Catholic Archives be digitised and made available to the general reader via the Society’s website.

Subsequently, at five year intervals, the remaining numbers will be digitised and made likewise available. The first phase of this project was completed at the end of August 2012.

The publishers have made every effort to contact the copyright holders of the works contained in the relevant issues of Catholic Archives, but it any have been inadvertently omitted they should contact the publishers immediately.

Future contributors to Catholic Archives will be asked to agree to their work appearing on the Society’s webpage at some stage.

If an article contains images or illustrations it will be the author’s responsibility to secure permission from the relevant source for it to be reproduced (this applies even if the image/illustration is to appear in print form only in Catholic Archives and not on the internet).

Catholic Archives 1981 to 2011 with index