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Not Bread but Yeast: Selected Writings of Michael Williams

A selection of the essays of Mgr. Michael Williams, a generous benefactor of the Society, divided, according to his major interests; theological studies, film and cultural studies, and historical studies.

£15 (including p&p)

Eric Gill: Work is Sacred

A new book exploring the influence of Catholicism on the art and thought of Eric Gill. Published in 2013 by the Catholic Archives Society in association with Koinonia Press  ISBN 9 780860 880462

£15 plus £1.78 p&p

Catholic Archives Journal

  • Back numbers of Catholic Archives journal, 1-31 (1981-2011): £5.00
  • Catholic Archives journal, 2012: £6.00
  • Catholic Archives journal, 2013: £6.00
  • Catholic Archives journal, 2014: £6.00
  • Catholic Archives journal, 2015: £6.00
  • Catholic Archives journal, 2016: £6.00
  • Catholic Archives journal, 2017: £6.00
  • Catholic Archives journal, 2020: £6.00
  • Index to Catholic Archives, 1-12 (1981-1992): £3.00
  • Index to Catholic Archives, 13-22 (1993-2002), edited by D.Smallwood, 2003: £4.00

Occasional papers

  • The Care of Artefacts in Archival Collections, by Naomi Johnson and Claire Marsland, 2020: £6.00 
  • Memory and Mission: Methodist and Roman Catholic Perspectives on Archives as Tools for Evangelism, William Johnstone, 2019: £6.00
  • Introduction to Records Management, by Clare Walsh, Sarah Maspero and Margaret Harcourt Williams, December 2017: £5.00
  • Artefacts in the Archive: caring for objects in your archive, Emma Buckler, 2014: £4.00
  • Disaster Planning, Tamara Thornhill, 2011: £4.00
  • Archive principles and practice, Elizabeth Semper O’Keefe, 2008: £4.00
  • General sources for family history research: advice for Catholic archivists, Maureen Fitzgibbon, 2010: £3.00
  • The care and administration of parish records, Paul Shaw, 2007: £4.00
  • Archival cataloguing standards and information technology, Paul Shaw, 2004: £3.00
  • Church Museums: the pastoral function of Church Museums, produced by the Pontifical Commission for the Cultural Heritage of the Church, edited by Reverend S. Foster, 2002: £4.00
  • Church Archives: the pastoral function of Church Archives and Archives in Canon Law, produced by the Pontifical Commission for the Cultural Heritage of the Church, edited by Reverend S. Foster, 2nd edition, 2001: £3.00. This document is also free to download from the Vatican Website


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