Help & Advice

Access to archives and help with research

The main aim of the Society is to assist its members with the care and management of their archives.  Anyone wanting to use the archives of a Catholic organisation is advised to write to the organisation concerned.  Many archivists are part-time and may have numerous other roles, so opportunities for visiting and opening hours may be limited.

Family history

The Society can’t usually help with genealogical enquiries and these are best dealt with by the Catholic Family History Society.  The Society can sometimes offer advice or useful addresses if the family member concerned belonged to, or was connected with, a religious order.

Local and diocesan history

The addresses of diocesan archivists are included in diocesan directories.  Many enquiries can be answered by searching old local or national Catholic directories, which are often available in the appropriate diocesan archives.

Whereabouts of archives

The Society can sometimes identify where archives are or give the enquirer another possible address to contact.