Why join the CAS?

The Society aims to support those people with responsibility for the identification, cataloguing, care and preservation of Catholic archives. Membership is open to everyone and all are welcome. No qualifications or particular skills are required.

Most of the Society’s members care for the archives of Diocese or Religious Orders but our membership also includes individuals such as archive professionals, curators, academic researchers and others with an interest in the Catholic past. At present about 20% of the Society’s members live outside the UK and there is no similar society elsewhere.

The constitution of the Catholic Archive Society can be found here


  • Opportunities for professional networking and connection with relevant individuals and interest groups through conferences, training days and study visits.
  • Information and advice
  • Members receive the Journal of the Catholic Archives Society and the Bulletin every year. Other publications that members may receive include advice leaflets and occasional papers.
  • Support and guidance for organisations looking to recruit a professional archivist.
  • Support to develop an outreach programme to encourage the internal and external use of members’ archives for scholarship and cultural purposes such as academic research and the development of heritage rooms, exhibitions and school visits.
  • A forum for discussion on places of deposit.

Archive professionals may like to note that work done for the Catholic Archives Society may be eligible for ARA registration credits as ‘contributions to the archive profession’.


There are two kinds of membership:

  • Full annual membership: £20 and includes all publications and details of the annual conference and other events.
  • Journal only membership: £7 (UK) / £10 (overseas) and covers only the Journal of the Catholic Archives Society.

The Society offers full membership to both individuals (personal membership) and institutions (for an organisation at a single address) at the same cost.

Membership forms can be downloaded here

Download and pass on the CAS leaflet to let others know what we do: