Who can join?

Membership is open to everyone and all are welcome.  Most of the Society’s 200 or so members care for the archives of dioceses or religious orders but the membership also includes archive professionals, academic researchers and others with an interest in the Catholic past.

No qualifications or particular skills are required.

The current membership is about 200.  It includes:

  • Archivists of male and female religious and monastic orders
  • Diocesan archivists
  • Parish archivists
  • Archivists of lay societies
  • Historians
  • Members of the archive profession
  • Others with an interest in the Catholic past

At present, about 20% of the Society’s members live outside the UK as there is no similar society elsewhere.

Benefits of membership: 

The Society aims to support those people with responsibility for the identification, cataloguing, care and preservation of archives by providing:

  • Opportunities for contact with others with similar archives, queries and problems, either through personal contact at a conference or other event, or through the Society’s publications
  • Information and advice including the possibility of advice visits from experienced members
  • An extensive publications programme including Catholic Archives: The Journal of the Catholic Archives SocietyBulletin, advice leaflets and occasional papers
  • Support and guidance for those considering recruiting a paid archive professional to help manage their collections
  • Opportunities for training and networking such as conference, training days and study visits to places of Catholic archival interest overseas
  • Support to develop an outreach programme to encourage the internal and external use of members’ archives for scholarship and cultural purposes, such as academic research, and the development of heritage rooms, exhibitions and school visits.
  • A forum for discussion on places of deposit

Archive professionals may like to note that work done for the Catholic Archives Society may be eligible for ARA registration credits as ‘contributions to the archive profession’.

How to join

There are two kinds of membership:

  • Full annual membership: this costs £20 and includes Catholic Archives, all other publications and details of the annual conference and other events
  • Journal only membership: this costs £7 (UK) / £10 (overseas) and covers only Catholic Archives

The Society offers full membership to both individuals (personal membership) and institutions (for an organisation at a single address) at the same cost. As a general rule, each member, whether an individual or organisation, receives one annual copy of Catholic Archives, the Bulletin and other mailings; one vote when present at annual general meetings and, where appropriate, subsidised rates for CAS organised events.  If an individual holds their membership as a consequence of an archival position, it would be very helpful if they were able to inform the Society where they work, to help it maintain full and accurate records.  It would also be useful if institutional members could inform the Society of the name of the individual who is currently in charge of archival matters.

Please contact us for further information and an application form.