Our mission and aims

The Catholic Archives Society is a voluntary organisation founded in 1979 to promote the care of the archives of the Roman Catholic Church in the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland, so enabling them

  • To be used for the efficient administration of the diocese, parish, religious foundation or lay society they concern
  • To be available for research and cultural uses

The Society does this by providing information, advice and training opportunities for anyone with responsibility for the identification, cataloguing, care and preservation of these archives.

The Society is not an archive repository and does not hold or collect archives.

The Council

The nine Council members meet five times a year.  The 2015-2016 Council is comprised of the following members:


Chair: Judith Smeaton

Vice Chair: Margaret Harcourt Williams

Treasurer: Jim Hughes

Secretary: Sarah Maspero and Karen O’Connor

Council members

Annaig Boyer

Johnathan Bush

Fr Peter Philips

Peter Sims-Coomber

Rebecca Somerset

Clare Walsh

The Society is not funded by any outside agency and its officers are strictly honorary. Its income comes from subscriptions, profits from conference and training days and the sale of publications.

Our Patrons and President

Our Patrons are Mgr Alejandro Cifres Gimenès, Director CDF Archives and the Right Reverend John Arnold, Bishop of Salford.  Our President is the Right Reverend Abbot Geoffrey Scott, OSB.

The Society has no formal links either with the Bishops’ Conferences in the countries where its members live or with the archives profession.  Contacts with the latter are maintained by CAS members who are professional archivists and membership includes at least one representative of the English and Welsh National Archives. Contacts with the Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales are through Bishop John Arnold, Bishop of Salford and a patron of CAS.  Links are also maintained with the Pontifical Commission for the Cultural Heritage of the Church.

Our historic patrons are St. Bede and Heming, monk of Worcester