New Book – The Clergy of the Diocese of Salford

The Diocese of Salford was erected in September 1850 by Papal Bull ā€“ Universalis Ecclesiae, known as the Restoration of the Hierarchy. Thirteen new dioceses were created, and Nicholas Wiseman was elevated to the Cardinalate, as the first Archbishop of Westminster. William Turner was appointed as first Bishop of Salford in June 1851; the Church of St John the Evangelist, Salford was elevated to Cathedral status in June 1852; and the Diocesan Chapter erected the following month.

The project to research into the lives and ministries of the early clergy of the Diocese has been ongoing for many years and is now being bought to fruition in a projected two volume publication.

This, the first volume, tells the story of the clergy who were ordained for, or arrived to minister in, the Diocese from its formation in 1850 to the death of the third Bishop of Salford, John Bilsborrow in March 1903, while also including the details of those priests who were ordained prior to the Restoration of the Heirarchy in 1850, but who ministered in the Lancashire District, and before that the Northern District, at churches which would later become part of the Diocese of Salford.

Available to purchase at Amazon here

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