The Catholic Archives Society: Preserving the Nation’s Catholic Heritage

The CAS have been liaising with the Religion and Collections group as we have mutual interests so please give their blog a follow! We were welcomed to post a summary about the CAS on their site which you can view below. They would welcome further blogs on religious material culture if there is anything in your collections you would like to write about #catholicheritage #materialculture #religionandcollections

Religion & Collections

Archives, libraries and heritage collections of the Roman Catholic Church in Britain and Ireland have often been seen as mysterious and inaccessible to the general public. In recent years, the academic focus on British Catholic History through John Bossy, Eamon Duffy and Alexandra Walsham has highlighted the significance of Catholicism to the history of Britain and subsequently shed-light on the understudied nature of Catholic heritage collections.

Since 1979, the Catholic Archives Society has promoted the care of Roman Catholic archives and collections in Britain and Ireland. Established as a voluntary organisation, the Society acts as a forum for all individuals, professional and voluntary, who are custodians of Catholic material. Increasingly, Catholic institutions have been making their archives and libraries accessible for research by establishing reading rooms and forming online catalogues. Some have also created exhibition spaces for Catholic material culture including the Bar Convent (York), Stonyhurst College (Clitheroe), Ushaw Historic…

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