RAG Conference 2019

Religious Archives Group CONFERENCE PROGRAMME

Monday 13th May 2019

Salvation Army International Heritage Centre, William Booth College, London

Religion and Architecture

10:00                     Coffee

Ruth MacDonald              Introduction and welcome to the Salvation Army International Heritage Centre

10.15-11.00         Steven Spencer: Salvation Army architecture

11.00-11.45         Dr Robert Whan: Church and Civic Architecture within the Diocese of Armagh

11.45-12.00         Tea break

12.00-12.45         Peter Howell: Catholic religious architecture

12.45-13.30         Lunch

13.30-13.45         Religious Archives Group AGM

13.45-14.00         Dr Sharman Kadish: Jewish religious architecture

14.00-14.45         Dr John Maiden: Using the Church Commissioners archives and the British Council of Churches archives to investigate the use of church properties

14.45-15.30         Shahed Saleem: The British Mosque

15.30-16.00         Tour of the Salvation Army International Heritage Centre

16:00                     Close

Conference details will be posted on their website shortly with a booking form at: https://religiousarchivesgroup.org.uk/conferences/. In the meantime, booking forms (to be returned by 3rd May) can also be obtained from susannah.rayner@rcdow.org.uk (Mondays and Tuesdays) or Norman James at stalbans2015@gmail.com

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