New book and invitation to book launch

A new book about François Longuet, the French émigré priest who founded the Catholic parishes in Reading has been published. It is François Longuet and the Reading Mission by Lindsay Mullaney. A book launch is being held at St James’ Church, The Forbury, Reading, on Sunday 12 February 2017 at 3pm to which you are warmly invited.The launch party will consist of a short illustrated talk about François Longuet, followed by afternoon tea and a chance to buy the book, which costs £8.00. Offers of additional cake will be gratefully received by Lindsay. RSVP to Lindsay

Father Longuet may be considered the founder of all the Catholic parishes in Reading. He was a refugee from religious and political persecution in Revolutionary France at the end of the 18th century, a time when local Catholics were still regarded with great suspicion. After coming to Reading in 1802 he founded the first purpose built Catholic chapel in Reading since the Reformation. Sadly, he was murdered by an unknown attacker, exactly 200 years ago and he is now buried at the foot of the altar.

Details of the book, which can be ordered from Scallop Shell Press or through Lindsay Mullaney, can be found below.The postage will be about £1.00.

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