Cold storage scheme

The National Conservation Service and Restore Plc are pleased to announce that the long awaited cold storage scheme, located at the NCS collaborative storage service at Upper Heyford, Oxfordshire, is now ready to take collections.
The cold store is intended for acetate plastic photographic sheets/strips (negatives and transparencies all formats including mounted slides), cine film and loose reel audio tape (not cassette tapes).  Storage will be at (minus) -20C and collections will be stored inside microclimate packages (ref BS4971:2017).  It can also take colour paper-based photographs and nitrate sheet film negs (not nitrate cine-film).
The storage is complemented by a packaging service and pre-conditioning at 35% RH.  The basic storage charge will be based on a standard crate size at £25 per crate per annum.  We estimate that a crate will take between c.2500 and c.10,000 photo images depending on format.  Arrangements can also be made for digitisation of material either before storage or when required subsequently.
If you are interested in joining the cold storage scheme and sending collections to Upper Heyford, please contact Lisa at  Information about the cold storage scheme will soon be available on the NCS website

TNA Collections Development

The National Archives has just published Collections Development: Frameworks and Guidance on its website.
This is a new modular guide which describes both the theory and practice of collections development:
*        the first section provides a theoretical framework for understanding why collections development is important with examples of different approaches and methodologies;
*        the second gives practical support for writing a Collections Development Policy and Plan – especially useful if you’re working towards Archive Service Accreditation;
*        and the third is a set of case studies from different types of archive service or collecting institution to demonstrate collections development in practice in different contexts.
Collections Development: Frameworks and Guidance is deliberately designed to encourage you to think about why and how we do what we do – to help inform and so improve our practice.  Each section can be read independently and each has a specific purpose.

Funding available from the CFHS to support research

The Catholic Family History Society is keen to support the research into Catholics within the United Kingdom. The Society has limited funds available and is desirous to assist those interested in undertaking such research which will be of benefit to Catholic family  historians. Small Research Awards will be made on an annual basis.

For more information visit their website, read their blog or find them on facebook