Hexham & Newcastle Diocesan Archives

Newcastle logoThe Hexham and Newcastle Diocesan Archives aims to preserve the Diocesan Records as a history of Roman Catholicism in the North East of England.

Collections held

The Hexham & Newcastle Diocesan Archives (HNDA) holds records from early 1600’s but mainly from the formation of the Diocese in 1850. The early records are of religious missionaries and Northern Apostolic Vicars. The following can be found at HNDA:

  • Papers relating to Northumberland and Durham missions 1630 – 1897
  • Northern Apostolic Vicars papers 1790 – 1850
  • HND Bishop’s papers 1850 –
  • Post 1850 documents, ledgers and correspondence relating to administration of the Diocese: Finance, Education, Property, Parish Files, clergy
  • Documents/correspondence of national and local lay societies e.g CWL, SVP, NECH

Reference Books in Archive library:

  • Complete series of Ushaw magazine
  • Catholic Directory from 1777-
  • HND annual directory 1875

Sacramental Registers: All parish registers pre 1950 are deposited with one of the relevant County Record Offices covering the Diocese, Teeside, Durham, Tyne & Wear and Northumberland.


Work on providing a data base for the Archive Catalogue is continuous. Researchers are welcome to use the Archive by prior arrangement on Wednesdays 9 am to 2 pm.

Contact details

Archivist: Tony Durkin (Wed 9am to 2pm)
Address: Bishop’s House, 800 West Road, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE5 2BJ, United Kingdom
Telephone:  0191 228 0003

Further reading

‘The Archives of the Diocese of Hexham & Newcastle’ by R M Gard in Catholic Archives No 19 pp 24-41